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Industrial Interior

Metropolitan Theatre Trip/2th Doctor Just Arrived Don't Blink/Revolution Monument Bellas Artes Palace Eleven/Baby Eleven Ten (and a TARDIS) Me and the Cyberman The Stage Tardis/Little Dalek


So I went to Doctor Who: The World Tour, in Mexico City, last Sunday. It was awesome. Mi first time in Mexico city so there are some pictures there, and the others from the awesome cosplayers.

Got this perfect luck with the Cyberman, face to face with him, he almost deleted me.

Doctor Who : The World Tour, one of the best experiences ever.  

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Kerchak said I don’t belong in the family. Never mind what Kerchak said. Now, hold still! But, look at me! I am, Tarzan. And do you know what I see? I see two eyes, like mine. And a nose… somewhere. Ahh… here! Two ears !

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